enabling suppliers to win in the on premise channel

say goodbye to guesswork and hello to big wins.

More than ever, we face a host of new challenges in the channel. 

Suppliers need to adapt quickly to fully understand how their brands and product portfolios are performing, how they fair against competitors, what specific strategies will work for them, and how to target their key consumers.



helping you uncover the
true size of the prize
Nielsen CGA Suppliers

With the right data, analytics, tools and expert support, suppliers can make the smartest decisions for their business to maximise opportunities and mitigate risk.

Craft the strongest sales stories, connect with your consumers, build opportunities, boost revenue and push your brand portfolio to new heights, all with a team of experts behind you.

Nielsen CGA Suppliers
Nielsen CGA Suppliers

Matthew Crompton

Client Solutions Director

supporting on premise suppliers, big and small.

Every supplier is different, facing unique challenges and needs within their organization and specific product portfolio.

From small to large-scale suppliers, our market-leading data solutions cater to a range of operations and budgets.

Are you ready to strategize based on real data? Are you eager to build your competitive edge in the On Premise channel? If so, get in touch.

Getting started takes just two minutes – to discuss your unique business challenges (and how we can help you), simply get in touch to arrange a quick and informal chat with our Client Solutions Director.

Matthew Crompton

Client Solutions Director

what could your business achieve with the right data?

Simply put, our aim – our passion – is to help On Premise businesses succeed. Let’s get you where you want to be, faster. 

CLIP (Check-Level Insights Pool) is the first data set of its kind, offering transaction level insights for a granular look into the on-premise.
  • Day-part analysis
  • Pricing analysis + guidance​
  • Investment guidance​
  • Strategic insights to boost revenue​
On-Premise Measurement: get a clear picture of how your drink categories are performing in the US market; track your performance at a category + product level.
  • Get a total picture of the market​
  • Dive into categories + brands​
  • Identify your main competitors​
  • See where your brands fit best​

Our On-Premise User Survey comes complete with custom questions for on-premise consumers, key account support, and easy-access insights.

  • Understand target consumers
  • Identify customer preferences
  • Improve your brand strategy
  • Benchmark against competitors

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