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on-premise sales

As On-Premise retailers, knowing what brands and categories to stock is key in building revenue, increasing footfall and having a successful, thriving outlet. Whether that’s through understanding day-part trends, analyzing your target consumers, understanding market volume share, or even diving into transaction-level insights, our custom data and reports provide retailers with cutting edge, actionable information, keeping them miles ahead of the competition.

To make this possible for our clients, we call on three of our core data sets: OPUS, CLIP and OPM. In addition to our data suite, we have RestauranTrak, a brand new solution enabling restaurants to benchmark their local performance within their target markets and become innovators in their area.

Going even more granular, we have our deep-dive On-Premise reports covering a host of core channels including our Hotel Report and Channel Strategy Report, with more in the works.

giving back to the industry we love with accessible, data-driven solutions

Say hello to RestauranTrak: the POS-driven solution allowing restaurant operators to easily benchmark their sales and overall performance against their local market.

  • Completely free to sign up (and always will be)
  • Designed by industry experts to empower restaurant operators
  • Automated, POS-driven solution
  • See how you perform VS the market and craft powerful strategies
  • Compare revenue, total checks, and average check value
  • Removes guesswork around key operational decisions
CLIP (Check-Level Insights Pool) is the first data set of its kind, offering transaction level insights for a granular look into the on-premise.
  • Day-part analysis
  • Pricing analysis + guidance​
  • Investment guidance​
  • Strategic insights to boost revenue​
On-Premise Measurement: get a clear picture of how your drink categories are performing in the US market; track your performance at a category + product level.
  • Get a total picture of the market​
  • Dive into categories + brands​
  • Identify your main competitors​
  • See where your brands fit best​

Our On-Premise User Survey comes complete with custom questions for on-premise consumers, key account support, and easy-access insights.

  • Understand target consumers
  • Identify customer preferences
  • Improve your brand strategy
  • Benchmark against competitors