Scott Elliott shares on new Request for Proposal packs by NCGA

When I arrived in the US 4 years ago – I was shocked to find the most sophisticated drinks suppliers using Off-Premise trend data to try and advise their On-Premise customers. They had little choice to be fair – there was simply no robust On-Premise data or insights available at that time.

The disconnect is clear – retailers want suppliers to ‘lean in’ to help them optimize their complex businesses, and suppliers want to earn the right to be true partners and category captains. The problem is that a lack of relevant and robust data simply stops this from happening.

Big chains want relevant insights, impactful recommendations and category captainship from their suppliers. Suppliers want to get closer to their target customer while basing their ‘cost per SKU’ discussions on strategic consultations and considerations. The biggest block preventing these key discussions is a lack of relevant insight around buying and category management in retail. Here at Nielsen CGA, we are now filling this gap with our RFP service.

For the first time, suppliers can easily access ALL our unique services in a planned, budgeted, cost-effective way. Each RFP pack is focused on delivering a specific commercial objective that achieves a win-win for the supplier AND retailer. Our RFP service provides suppliers with a single access point to unlock retailer banner consumer insights, unique channel dynamics from over 14 sub-channels and relevant sales and pricing stories from our unique POS data pool (all packaged up into meeting-ready presentations).

The game has truly changed and finally On-Premise retailers can expect and demand the kind of support (for assortment, menu features, pricing or promotions) that Off-Premise retailers have enjoyed for so many years. Together, let’s fix this disconnect where retailers want better support and suppliers want better conversations and relationships. The On-Premise can only get stronger if this is achieved.

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