popularity of premium drinks & brands increase as consumers return to the On Premise

This issue we focused on the key states of Texas, Florida, New York and California and have shifted to a data tracker format in order to consistently visualise the changes in the current situation and easily highlight fluctuations.

Over the weekend (Aug 14 – Aug 16) we surveyed 1,597 respondents (who have drunk alcohol in the last 3 months) from these states on their expectations, desires and how they plan to behave in the next two weeks.

key findings

  • Visitation to bars/restaurants for eating occasions slightly increases on the previous two weeks: 46% have been out to eat in the past two weeks and 14% have been out for a drink.
  • With visitation remaining fairly flat it appears we have plateaued out on those consumers willing to return to the On Premise before the situation improves; outlets may need to look at fresh approaches to reaching out to those who have not returned.
  • This may be by highlighting more extensive safety and hygiene practices for those who are concerned or offering alternative motivators such as deals or discounts for slow periods.
  • In spite of this plateau, we do see an increase in Florida, suggesting there has been a positive response to the stricter guidelines placed on venues
  • While mid-value drinks/brands are the most frequently ordered in bars/restaurants (50%), 7/10 consumers are doing this as frequently as pre COVID-19. On the flip side, 35% of consumers ordered a premium drink in the last two weeks, but 50% of those consumers said they are doing this more than pre Covid-19. This shows a group of consumers are treating themselves within the On Premise market.
  • The number of consumers going out at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks continues to increase, showing frequent visitation is still seeing improvement and those who are going out, are growing confidence
  • Casual drinks or drinks with food are top reasons consumers are returning to the On Premise, showing relaxed outings are currently more popular, however 25% are also going for special occasions, so there is a market for both.

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