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As we all know, we are currently facing unprecedented times in the On Premise channel.  

As our industry moves through this stage of isolation and starts to transition to a ‘new normal’, we are working extremely hard to fully utilize our vast range of data sources to understand the impact upon the sector.

These unique data assets include depletion feeds from virtually every leading manufacturer, outlet-level delivery data from the leading distributors, transaction level POS data for many thousands of operators, aggregated product ordering information, many digital data acquisition processes, comprehensive information around outlet closures and operational style changes and much, much, more.

Given our unique industry position, we believe that we are best placed to help track these exceptional market conditions and help our partners optimize their strategy and tactics for the return of On Premise visits in the near future.

To support this goal, we are maintaining the schedules for OPM (as we have done for many years), our weekly (and in some cases daily) sales tracking tools, and a whole host of consumer insights which our clients are used to receiving. In addition, we will be producing many custom research studies to track rapidly changing consumer perceptions and behaviors (released bi-weekly), offered to the market free of charge. Our custom research capabilities are also still in place and available should you have specific questions which you need answering.

Thank you to our clients, readers and industry partners for your long standing support, and for enabling us to keep investing and maintaining these essential market views even in such troubled times.

Please reach out to our team with ANY questions – we are here for you, and want to help.

Scott Elliott – Senior Vice President

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