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As a drinks-led business, we know that there are many consumer questions that you need answered. That’s why we created OPUS: the On-Premise User Survey, complete with custom questions, key account support, easy-access insights and even an international Canadian expansion.

  • For retailers, distributors, suppliers + specific channels like Hospitality
  • Measure the eating + drinking out habits of 30K consumers per annum
  • Track the consumer base of 45+ operators and 300+ drinks brands
  • Understand consumer behaviour in the out-of-home market
  • Develop a consumer-led strategy and find your best brand fit
  • Access instant, actionable insights with a quick data turnaround
  • Customise the sample – compare by categories or consumer type at a general or operator level

how it works

Our nationally representative survey measures the eating and drinking out habits of over 30K consumers per year while also tracking the consumer base of 45+ operators and 300+ drink brands.

The robust results of our survey enable us to fully understand what drives On-Premise visitation, what sells, what consumers will pay, and so much more. By accessing the results of our OPUS survey, you can craft effective strategies, sales pitches and promotions to target your key consumers groups and accounts.

consumers surveyed per year
drink brands covered
operators covered

what you will get

easy-access insights and answers

The results of our consumers surveys (or the results from your custom questions) can be accessed through various OPUS tools and services detailed below. As standard, the results are easy to access and interpret.
Whether you opt-in to custom questions, the Key Account Selling Tool, the OPUS tool, or even OPUS Canada, you’ll receive a wealth of consumer data to enable you to make smarter business decisions with confidence.

revealing your target consumer

your options with OPUS

custom questions

Submit custom questions to any Spring or Fall On-Premise User Survey and get actionable insights for your business.

Use this to truly understand how your consumers think – what, when, where and why they choose to drink.

  • Find our exactly what you want to know about your consumers
  • Tailored insights empowering your business decisions
  • Tailored insights empowering your business decisions
  • Determine what draws (or deters) consumers to / from your brand
  • See what steps you can take to increase revenue

OPUS tool

Access detailed consumer insights via our OPUS tool.

Available in our custom, secure portal, the OPUS tool enables you to take a deeper look into the results of our robust consumer surveys.

  • Accessed on an easy-to-use online platform
  • Understand On-Premise consumer behaviour, engagement, and preferences for drinks brands, categories, and even flavours
  • Profile the consumers buying your brand(s)
  • Understand your competitor’s consumers
  • Track repertoires, preferences, occasions, and other drivers


Using the OPUS Key Account Selling Tool, you can quickly and easily create compelling sales stories to target your key accounts with powerful, data-driven pitches.

  • For key account professionals and their support teams
  • Improve your sales strategy when working with key accounts
  • Prepare for your requests for proposal (RFP’s) with confidence
  • Better understand the consumers who visit the outlets + brands you work with (or want to work with)
  • Develop solid solutions around assortment, pricing, promotions and menu listings

OPUS canada

OPUS Canada – COPUS – is an exciting new expansion of our powerful On-Premise User Survey, revealing the unique eating and drinking behaviors of consumers.

  • See the profitability of different events
  • Identify which events to target and brands to focus your efforts on
  • See which brands thrive at certain events
  • See the categories and segments that benefit most by event type

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