Visitation to the US On Premise Plateaus
as Restrictions Remain in Place

This issue we focused on the key states of Texas, Florida, New York and California and have shifted to a data tracker format in order to consistently visualise the changes in the current situation and easily highlight fluctuations.

Over the weekend (July 31 – August 2) we surveyed 1,400 respondents (who have drunk alcohol in the last 3 months) from these states on their expectations, desires and how they plan to behave in the next two weeks.

key findings

  • Visitation to bars/restaurants for eating and drinking occasions remains flat on the previous two weeks – 42% have been out to eat in the past two weeks and 15% have been out for a drink
  • With visitation remaining fairly flat it appears we have plateaued out on those consumers willing to return to the On Premise before the situation improves – outlets may need to look at fresh approaches to reaching out to those who have not returned
  • This may be by highlighting more extensive safety and hygiene practices for those who are concerned or offering alternative motivators such as deals or discounts for slow days
  • Visitation for eating by age once again reveals a fairly even split across demographics, revealing that the vulnerability of age does not appear to be a contributing factor to concern over visitation
  • Satisfaction of visits remains high with 82% of returning visitors feeling satisfied or extremely satisfied with the overall experience on their last visit
  • Thus far take out/delivery has remained a popular option with consumers and we have not seen a dip in the numbers ordering food or alcohol this way despite some outlets reopening. With many drinks based outlets still under restrictions, we must still wait to see how their full reopening will influence this trend.
  • Drinks with food remains the top occasion for returning visitors and shows the most important part of visits right now is more to do with the dining occasion than celebrations or a greater purpose. Ensuring food and drink offerings meet expectations is therefore crucial to capturing returning visitation.
  • The balance of drinking still remains tipped in favor of drinking more than usual since COVID-19 restrictions than less

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