latest on premise impact report reveals
consumer behavior across reopening states

In this issue, we have reverted back to state level, as the majority of the US has now reopened we have focused on the key states of Texas, Florida, New York and California to ask them recovery questions and expected behavior for July 4. Over the weekend (June 5-7) we surveyed 1,600 consumers from these states on their expectations, desires and how they plan to behave in the next two weeks. From this we will look at the 1,200 respondents who have drank alcohol in the last 3 months.

To bring these insights and learnings to life further we are starting bi-weekly webinars in which we’ll discuss not only the results seen here, but other insights from across our suite of products. We are thankful for your support and engagement and hope to continue bringing you studies which can help you to focus your efforts.

key findings

  • ⅓ of On Premise visitors have been in bars/restaurants to eat in the last two weeks
  • In light of recent events, we also consulted consumers on the impact recent protests have had on their decision to go out to the On Premise. 57% remained unaffected, while just 8% said they went somewhere different than planned and 35% decided not to go out due to the protests
  • Of those who have returned to the On Premise, 20% have visited just once, while 38% have done so twice. Promisingly a large number have had a high frequency of visits; 42% of consumers having visited 3 times or more in the last two weeks
  • Those who have not returned to eat or drink said the biggest concerns are not feeling safe being in close proximity with strangers in these places (45%) and not feeling safe going out at the moment (41%)
  • Those who plan to celebrate July 4th this year have a greater percentage (49%) expecting to celebrate at home than in bars and restaurants (14%). July 4th is typically an Off Premise occasion and while this year it may be even more focussed within the home, with gatherings of friends and family, with it being over a weekend and due to pent up demand, there may be an On Premise opportunity still

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