Issue VI of On Premise Impact Report reveals consumer behavior as SIP restrictions lift

Following on from Issue V of our On Premise Impact Report, the consumer portion of the latest report has now been released. Issue V focused on insight from states which have begun reopening their On Premise channel; Texas, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. From this, NCGA uncovered valuable knowledge on the returning consumer. In in our pursuit of the most useful insights, we decided we could dive down even deeper into certain key cities.

In the consumer portion of issue VI, we look across 5 key cities in Texas and Florida: Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Houston and Dallas. Over the weekend (May 22- 26) we surveyed 1,300 consumers from these cities on their expectations, desires and how they plan to behave as ‘Shelter in Place’ restrictions are lifted. With an increase in data and insight, these reports have continued to grow – therefore, we have made the decision to split the consumer and sales sections into two parts. The sales part will be delivered on June 3.

key findings

  • It appears likely that visitation is up within cities, as 33% of consumers from the major cities in Texas and Florida have gone out to eat in a bar/restaurant in the last two weeks. 
  • Promisingly a large number have had a high frequency of visits upon return to the On Premise; 34% of consumers having visited 3 times or more in the last two weeks.
  • The top venue for consumers returning to the On Premise appears to be casual dining chains (40%), followed by independent restaurants (35%).
  • 88% of consumers who had visited the On Premise stated they were satisfied with their overall experience, showing that the occasion is not being affected negatively by safety measures
  • The top occasion consumers have visited bars and restaurants for, are to have drinks with food (42%) and for relaxed/quiet drinks (32%). This shows the current mood of occasions is generally more low-tempo
  • Those who have not returned to the On Premise highlighted outdoor seating (41%) and social distancing measures (40%) as the most encouraging features for them to return. This reveals that confined spaces may be a deterrent to consumers returning to the On Premise
  • However, features which would impact the consumer experience rank lower. Things such as disposable utensils, masks or visors for visitors all fall to the bottom of encouraging factors

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