The delicate state of the On Premise as it
continues towards recovery

With all states now in some degree of ‘open’, the reimplementation of some restrictions highlights the fragility of the U.S On Premise at present. Venues are in a period of experimentation – finding ways to maximize capacity and encouraging more consumers to return, but counterbalanced by measures to protect consumers and themselves from rising infections and the threat of re-enacting shelter in place restrictions.

This issue we focused on the key states of Texas, Florida, New York and California to ask about:

  • Reopening questions and expected behavior
  • Take out/ delivery preferences
  • Working from home 

Over the weekend (July 3-5) we surveyed 1,600 respondents (who have drank alcohol in the last 3 months) from these states on their expectations, desires and how they plan to behave in the next two weeks.

key findings

  • Increasing slightly from 36% two weeks ago, 38% have been out to eat in the past two weeks.
  • Looking to the next two weeks, 32% plan to go out to bars and restaurants for an eating occasion and 15% for a drinking occasion. This is somewhat down on predictions from Issue 8, potentially due to tighter restrictions being returned in some states.
  • 21-34 year olds no longer stand out as the age group with the highest visitation over the last two weeks; 38% have been out to eat in the last two weeks, while 40% of 35-54’s have been out to eat. The 55+ age group also closed the gap between themselves and younger consumers versus the previous 2 week period, with 37% having been out to eat in the last two weeks.
  • This shows the demographic visiting bars and restaurants for an eating occasion is fairly even by age and not skewed towards younger consumers as we found at the beginning of shelter in place restrictions lifting.
  • The drinking occasion, however, does remain dominated by younger consumers. 21% of 21-34 year olds have been out to drink, 17% of 35-54’s and 6% of 55+’s.
  • We asked if the recent outbreaks and rise in COVID-19 cases in parts of the country had affected consumers’ decision to go out to bars/restaurants. The concern caused by COVID-19 is highlighted as 61% chose not to go out at all, 27% remain unaffected and 12% chose to go to a different venue.
  • Our recommendations in the previous issue still stand; venues need to do the utmost to ensure consumers feel like it is safe for them to come in; they need to see clear hygiene practices, instructions and upholding of standards. Advertising or displaying that you have social distancing could help to make some of these consumers feel safer to return to bars/restaurants.

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