Supporting the On-Premise through the uncertainty of COVID-19

With bars and restaurants impacted by city-wide lock downs across the country, it’s clear that COVID-19 is having a very real impact on the On-Premise. We have a genuine passion for this industry – for the dedicated retailers, suppliers, distributors that bring us together in eating, drinking and socialising every day. While there are certainly hard times ahead, we believe the industry will bounce back, and will do all we can to help our clients, partners and wider readers in navigating these uncertain times. 

Today, we released our COVID-19: On-Premise Impact Report, which snapshots the traffic and sales impact of social distancing and regulatory restrictions. As we identify the insights, we will do our best to effectively inform the industry as we rapidly adapt to the changing climate. As part of this report, we are also sharing a top-line stats graphic which will provide you with an instant view of total $ sales as well as consumer perceptions. As a bi-weekly report, we will closely monitor and observe the impact of COVID-19 for the duration of the outbreak.

Undoubtedly, is an unsettling time for the industry that we all love. But as an On-Premise data consultancy, we will do our very best to keep you up to date with the most relevant data, insights and consumer research on all things On-Premise. 

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