Nielsen CGA releases new COVID-19: On Premise Impact Report with focus on delivery

Following on from the initial release on March 18, Nielsen CGA has released issue two of the COVID-19: ON PREMISE IMPACT REPORT. Summarized below, the new report explores the changing consumer perceptions and behaviors around eating and drinking as the lockdown continues, as well as the $ velocity impact across key markets. To download the full report, visit the COVID-19 page. 

top line findings

  • As bars and restaurants across the country close or significantly reduce their operations, those that have remained trading have seen $ velocity fall by -73% to w/e March 21 (versus the average week) and remained down at -77% w/e March 28
  • We can see a split in consumers drinking behavior during the impact of COVID-19. Half of US consumers stated they are drinking the same amount of alcohol as usual. Interestingly, there appears to be a fairly even divide of those drinking more (22%) and less (27%)
  • Pre the COVID-19 Pandemic, take-out accounted for 11% of $ velocity in the US. As we enter full lockdown, take out is now key to sales for outlets that are still operational, growing by +110% w/e March 28 versus the norm
  • 66% say they have ordered a take out / delivery in the past two weeks
  • Of those ordering take out / delivery, over 1 in 3 have been ordering food from venues they have eaten or drank in before
  • 15% are ordering take out / delivery with alcoholic drinks, this behavior is more popular with younger consumers; one in four 21-34 year olds have ordered alcoholic drinks with take out
  • Results show that products which are easy to transport and order, such as wine or imported / craft beer, are those most frequently purchased
  • The top factor influencing the choice to buy alcoholic drinks with take out / delivery relates to ease and safety. 58% did so to avoid a trip to get food and drink at the grocery store / supermarket or liquor store
SOURCE: RestauranTrak (Powered by CLIP) + Custom Consumer Research. 

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