consumer satisfaction with health and safety remains high in u.s. on premise

This issue we focused on the key states of Texas, Florida, New York and California and have shifted to a data tracker format in order to consistently visualise the changes in the current situation and easily highlight fluctuations. Over the weekend (Sept 11- Sept 13) we surveyed 1,577 respondents (who have drunk alcohol in the last 3 months) from these states on their expectations, desires and how they plan to behave in the next two weeks.

key findings

  • Visitation to bars / restaurants for eating occasions slightly increases on the previous issue: 48% have been out to eat in the past two weeks and 15% have been out for a drink. This pushes visitation to almost 1⁄2 of US consumers returning.
  • While visitation has been relatively flat, the small increases on the previous month do show that the number returning is very slowly pushing in the right direction
  • New York, Florida and Texas have all passed the marker of 50% of consumers returning to eat in the On Premise and the age groups are also all nearing this landmark. However California visitation remains lower than from other states – this may be as a result of the current forest fires the state is experiencing
  • Satisfaction with factors in venues has remained perfectly consistent, showing that consumers faith and confidence in the experience has remained high for those who have been visiting multiple times for the last two-three months
  • The tempo of occasions is a further consistency, with food still leading the way at the top occasion for visiting the On Premise. It is likely restrictions on groups is affecting this and venues need to consider how to encourage consumers to come for other occasions while in smaller groups
  • The factors consumers seek to reassure them on visits to the On Premise have been continually outdoor seating, staff in PPE and fewer patrons/distancing between tables in venues. This highlights the significance of these factors to consumers for returning to the On Premise
  • The concerns for outdoor seating come into question as we enter Fall and it will interesting to see if this reduces in encouragement for consumers. Venues may need to consider what investments to make to continue outdoor seating into the colder months such as heaters, blankets or encouraging consumers to bring their own.

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