POS data like you've never
seen it before

CLIP (Check-Level Insights Pool) is the first data set of its kind, offering transaction level insights for a granular look into the on-premise.

  • Custom reports available for every client
  • For retailers, distributors, suppliers and specific channels like hospitality
  • Understand consumer spend + the top brands and drinks
  • Analysis for beer, wine and spirits 
  • Analysis for soft drinks, energy drinks and food planned for future release
  • Understand the true value of a check
  • Day-part analysis of drink categories and brands
  • Event tracking, value velocity and volume of drinks sold

how it works

Coming straight from restaurant and bar tills, CLIP provides an unparalleled look at consumer spend, preferred brands drink categories, what times of day are the most profitable, and even a look into consumer food and drink pairings. 

 With custom reports available for every client, CLIP is a flexible and extremely powerful tool to help you craft an effective, actionable strategy to grow your brand or business. See our deep-dive categories below.

consumers surveyed per year
drink brands covered
operators covered

your options with CLIP

pricing analysis

To understand the ‘optimal price point’ for a category or brand in the On-Premise, it is vital to consider specific channels and areas of the market. Identifying the nuances amongst these allow suppliers to support pricing recommendations with factual evidence of success.

Using CLIP’s Pricing Analysis, you can build closer  relationships with distributors by offering data-driven, strategic pricing recommendations for outlets.

  • Understand the optimal price point(s) for your brand, based on outlet type and region
  • Confidently approach partners, giving proven reasons for setting prices
  • Understand the conditions around pricing such as the effect of day part on sales
  • Know where your brands have a higher price point versus competitors

influencer outlet tracker

Premium + influencer accounts are a vitally important area of focus for the On-Premise. Influential outlets tend to generate momentum behind new / leading market trends, draw in more revenue and drive demand for unique consumer experiences, engage the most influential customers, and self-lead with consumer-based social media promotion.

Understandably, these outlets are a huge investment area for many clients.

  • Understand how you are performing in the most sought-after places in the On-Premise
  • Measure the success of high profile accounts + the performance of your categories and brands in these outlets
  • Identify the categories in growth and align your brand with them
  • Know where your brands have a higher price point versus competitors

product tracker

Equipped with the ability to analyze store level data by checks, we are able to create compelling stories with velocity, check size and other factors for your brand versus the competitor.

What differentiates you and you brand from the competitor, and how does this differ by channel and region? Find out with CLiP’s product tracker.

  • See how you perform vs competitors
  • Quantify the impact of your brand when it is on a check
  • Identify the specific markets, segments and day parts that your brand or product excels in
  • Understand the key factors that set your brand apart from competitors

matched panel analysis

Suppliers want to understand the return on investment from activations, pinpoint the exact impact of an event on the market, and know what brands interact well with certain events.

With the granularity of CLiP data, we are able to explore this for any event(s) in the On-Premise across all days and times of the year.

  • See the profitability of different events
  • Identify which events to target and brands to focus your efforts on
  • See which brands thrive at certain events
  • See the categories and segments that benefit most by event type

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